Online Banking

You’re constantly working on your business, even when the workday is over. Your bank should be equally committed to you.

Business Online Banking combines our popular suite of cash management services with the speed and convenience of the Internet. With 24-hour access to your financial information and services, managing your money has never been easier! 

  • Determine your financial position from a daily statement that integrates all of your accounts.
  • View a summary of details of your account activity.
  • View real time account balances and review monthly e-Statements.
  • View past 120-day transaction history and 12 month statement history.
  • Obtain financial information for a specific time period for trend analysis.
  • Initiate secure financial transactions at the touch of a button.
  • Assign banking Privileges to Multiple users within your business.
  • Export information in comma-separated or QIF formats, or to other applications such as  QuickBooks® or Quicken®. (User must purchase other applications such as those mentioned independently.)

See the Attached FFIEC Business Account Guidance Brochure for "Risk Assessment & Layered Security for Online Business Transactions"

Information Reporting

Perform consolidated balance and transaction reporting on all your accounts with current day, previous day and historical reporting. A snapshot of all your accounts is ready on a daily basis whenever you want it and for the time period you specify. You can also view images of checks cleared early each business day in order to determine funds available for investments or short-term borrowing needs.  


Loan Payment & Reporting

Make loan payments; view 120 days of loan payment history; or check the status of a loan you have with us, including amount owed, maturity date, available line of credit (if applicable), interest rate, principal amount, interest rate, maturity date, date of last payment, and payment due date. 

Internal and External Funds Transfer

Schedule one-time and recurring transfers between most Hometown Bank account types.

Check Management

Send stop payment instructions on a single check or range of checks electronically. The system will automatically check the Information Reporting database for the check status. You can also inquire on the status of an issued check to see if it has been paid.

Bill Pay

Enjoy the convenience of online bill payment tailored to meet your business requirements. Innovative features simplify the accounts payable process, leaving more time to dedicate to revenue-producing tasks. Bill Pay covers the full life cycle of electronic billing - from delivery and presentment to payment and reconciliation.

ACH Services – Electronic Payment Processing*

Reduce the cost and accelerate the speed of payment processing, increase the accuracy and security of payments made and received, and extend greater convenience to your employees and vendors through direct deposit and direct payment solutions using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

The ACH network is a highly efficient, secure and reliable electronic funds-transfer system operated by the Federal Reserve and the Electronic Payments Network. It provides for the interbank clearing of electronic payment transactions, such as direct deposits of payroll checks.

You can conveniently and securely access ACH Services through your Hometown Bank Business Online banking account — with no additional software required — so you can manage all of your business banking in one place.

Direct deposit using ACH

Direct deposit is a simple, secure and cost-effective way to pay your employees. By making direct deposit your preferred method of distributing payroll, you can:

  • Reduce or eliminate manual check preparation and handling, saving time and administrative costs and reducing the potential for errors.
  • Reduce the chance of loss and fraud — with direct deposit, there are no paper checks to be stolen, counterfeited, altered or forged.
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and productivity — payroll deposits are credited to employees’ bank accounts immediately, eliminating the need to take time off work to deposit or cash a payroll check.

*subject to Bank approval, Fees apply

Wire Transfer**

Send wire transfer instructions securely and efficiently. Initiate domestic wire transfers for sending guaranteed funds under tight deadlines.  User-friendly templates make it easy to request Fedwire payments. A variety of reporting and inquiry features are available to monitor wire activity. An ABA database lookup feature saves time by allowing you to enter a bank name and watch the system do the rest.

 ** Fees apply

E - Statements

Discover the quick, convenient, secure way to access and view your account statements online: e-Statements from Hometown Bank.

How they work

Paperless eStatements are available to any Hometown Bank business account holder with a Hometown Bank online banking profile. Containing all the same information as traditional printed account statements, but in convenient digital format, eStatements can be viewed online using the free Adobe Reader®, saved to your computer's hard drive for retrieval anytime, and printed for "hard copy" documentation when you need it.

Once you've registered for e-Statements, you'll receive an e-mail notification each time your latest statement is available for viewing, and you can access up to 12 previous months of e-Statements at any time.

Here are the Benefits:

  • Quick delivery, high security — e-Statements are delivered electronically, reducing delays and eliminating the potential for postal theft that comes with conventional mail.
  •  Less clutter — paperless e-Statements can be saved to your computer's hard drive or copied to a compact disc for convenient storage 
  • Legally admissible — e-Statements contain all the components and disclosures required by law for financial documentation

In addition to our online banking, make your daily business deposits more convenient with our:

Direct Deposit

You can safely and conveniently deposit any check from a qualified participant into your Hometown Bank account automatically and save a trip to the bank. 


Contact us today to sign up for our online banking services that will make your life easier and add efficiencies as you manage your company’s finances.