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Active Spearphishing Campaign - Intuit Spoof

Oct 11, 2013

Hometown Bank was recently made aware of a spear phishing spoof appearing to come from the payroll services department of Intuit, a company that makes software to help business and home customers organize and manage their finances.  The infected email will contain an attachment named "payroll_report_111111_11111.zip".  Once the attachment is opened it will infect the computer with a virus. 

Intuit is aware of the spoof and recommends the following to keep your information safe:

  1. If you suspect you have received a phishing email from Intuit, please forward it immediately to spoof@intuit.com.
  2. Make sure you subscribe to an anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date.
  3. Make sure you have updated your web browser to one that includes anti-phishing security features, such as Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox version 3 or higher.
  4. Make sure that you keep up to date on the latest releases and patches for your operating systems and critical programs. These releases are frequently security related.
  5. Do not respond to emails asking for account, password, banking, or credit card information.
  6. Do not open up an attachment that claims to be a software update. We will not send any software updates via email.
  7. Do not respond to text messages or voicemails that ask you to call a number and enter your account number and pin.
  8. Make sure you have passwords on your computer and your payroll files.
Hometown Bank has NOT been infected by this virus, this is an informational message only.   Hometown Bank takes the security of customer information very seriously and has every precaution in place to prevent such incidents from occurring in the network.